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Meet Master Ram

My name is Jose Antonio Ramirez, Retired Navy Vet

Master Ramirez is a martial arts virtuoso with an impressive array of achievements. With a 4th-degree black belt (Master) in Taekwondo, another in American Tang Soo Do, and the distinguished title of Sifu in Bai Lung Chuan Fa Kung Fu, he embodies excellence in multiple disciplines 

However, his expertise goes beyond traditional martial arts.

A retired United State Navy Veteran, Master Ramirez is a true Master of Tactical Knife Escrima, showcasing his proficiency in self-defense techniques. His dedication and contributions to the martial arts community have earned him the esteemed positions of History General at the Sport Karate Museum and Instructor at the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Notably, he stands as a Hall of Fame Inductee, a testament to his exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to the martial arts world.

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Meet CTL/TKA Grandmaster

My name is Johhny "Lightfoot" Thompson

Retire Airforce Vet.

Meet Grand Master Johnny "Lightfoot" Thompson, a revered figure in the martial arts world with over five decades of experience. Honored with a 9th Dan (GU Dan) promotion by the International Martial Arts Council of America (IMAC) in 2016, he's a multiple inductee of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.


A retired United States Air Force veteran, Grand Master Thompson is the Founder and President of the Tang Soo Do Karate Association (TKA) in San Antonio, Texas. With over 50 years of expertise, he's nationally ranked and a respected instructor, recognized for his contributions to law enforcement training.

Throughout his illustrious career, Grand Master Thompson has garnered prestigious awards and inductions, including the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Master's Hall of Fame. His legacy epitomizes the values of dedication and professionalism within the TKA black belt family.

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    Meet GM Aguilar

                    My name is Robert Aguilar

    Retired Army Vet

    GM Robert Aguilar brings over 47 years of martial arts expertise to the table, excelling as both a world-class competitor and a seasoned instructor. His impressive track record includes international competition triumphs in Sport Karate and Olympic Taekwondo, with notable success in South Korea during his service in the U.S. Army. Today, he proudly holds a 7th Dan in Taekwondo and shares his passion for the art at CTL. 🥋🏆


      Meet Sensei Sylvia

      My name is Sylvia McDonald

      Sensei Sylvia McDonald fully engaged in her passion for martial arts. With a 2nd Dan in Taekwondo, she devotes her evenings to Christian Taekwondo League, where she not only teaches multiple classes but also spearheads a Women's Self-Defense class weekly. Sensei Sylvia's remarkable dedication to her craft has earned her numerous accolades and past inductions into the Hall of Fame, a well-deserved recognition of her lifelong commitment to serving others and leaving a lasting impact. 🥋🌟


        Meet Sensei Hanna

        My name is Hanna Perez

        Hanna Perez's journey in the world of martial arts began as one of the original students under the tutelage of Master Jose Ramirez at his esteemed Dojang. With dedication and perseverance, she climbed the ranks, eventually earning the esteemed title of Christian Taekwondo League's first Junior Blackbelt and Kohai.

        With a passion for both the art and the community it fosters, Ms. Perez has dedicated herself to sharing her knowledge and skills with others. As an instructor, she imparts her expertise in kata, weapons training, as well as hand and foot techniques, guiding both children and adults on their martial arts journey.

        Ms. Perez's commitment and excellence have not gone unnoticed. In 2017, she was honored with the prestigious title of Student of the Year, a testament to her unwavering dedication and exemplary performance within the Christian Taekwondo League community.

        Driven by a deep-rooted love for Taekwondo and a desire to inspire others, Hanna Perez continues to make a positive impact, embodying the values of discipline, respect, and perseverance both on and off the mat.

          Meet Sensei Logan

          My name is Logan Duty

          Army Veteran

          Sensei Logan Duty began his martial arts journey in 2000, training under the esteemed Grandmaster Thompson. His dedication and skill quickly propelled him to achieve the rank of Chodan in 2005. By 2007, Sensei Duty had advanced to Ee Dan, demonstrating his commitment and passion for martial arts. His leadership and contributions to the youth in martial arts earned him the prestigious Youth Martial Arts Leader of the Year award from the USMAHOF in 2008.

          In 2010, Sensei Duty broadened his service to others by joining the US Army as a combat medic, showcasing his dedication to helping those in need. In 2023, Sensei Duty brought his wealth of experience and passion for martial arts to the Christian Taekwondo League (CTL), teaching and inspiring students as part of The Karate Association (TKA). Adding a personal touch to his journey, his daughter has also joined CTL, embarking on her own martial arts path as a white belt under her father's guidance.

          Sensei Duty's journey through martial arts and service exemplifies a life dedicated to growth, leadership, and family. He continues to inspire both young and old at CTL, sharing his knowledge and fostering a community of discipline, respect, and spiritual growth.

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            Meet Master Sierra

            My name is Sierra Smithson

            Master Sierra Smithson, the dynamic force behind "Fit to Fight." With a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from UTSA and a 5th degree Black Belt in Motobu-ha Shitoryu Karate-Do, Sierra's martial arts journey is marked by dedication and excellence. As the first San Antonio athlete on the U.S. Martial Arts Team in 2014, she later became a coach, winning 7 World Championships and earning a spot in the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2020.

            Sierra's drive and resilience are inspired by her mother, who introduced her to martial arts and fought a courageous battle against cancer. This profound experience shaped "Fit to Fight" into more than a martial arts studio—it's a tribute to strength, perseverance, and the spirit of fighting for life. Sierra's vision is to empower individuals to discover their inner strength and face life's challenges with courage.

            Join Sierra at "Fit to Fight" and embrace the journey of personal growth and resilience.

            A crucial member of the CTL Team


              Get to Know Us

              Good [morning/afternoon/evening], thank you for your interest in the Christian Taekwondo League. My name is Master Jose A Ramirez, and I'm here to guide you through how our martial arts school can be a transformative journey for you and your family.

              At CTL, we believe every student's journey is unique. We start with a personal assessment to tailor our training specifically to your needs—whether that's building confidence, enhancing physical fitness, or mastering self-defense.

              We're more than just a martial arts school; we're a family-oriented community. We work closely with parents to support the development of their children, focusing on character building, discipline, and Christian values. Our goal is to partner with you in fostering a supportive environment where every member thrives.

              For adults seeking empowerment or a positive lifestyle change, our programs are designed to offer not just self-defense skills but also stress relief, mental health support, and a strong community bond.

              Our curriculum is structured yet flexible, with five classes a week covering forms, techniques, sparring, and weapons, with a special emphasis on self-defense. Each class is an hour-long, designed to challenge and inspire you.

              Beyond regular classes, we host seminars, competitions, and social events like pool parties and ninja nights. These are great opportunities for learning, fun, and community building.

              Enrollment is simple. All payments are processed electronically at the beginning of each month, and we observe all federal holidays, with breaks in July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Our maximum success program including a comprehensive starter kit with uniforms and gear.

              We're excited to welcome you to the CTL family. Together, we'll embark on a journey of growth, learning, and community. If you're ready to take the first step or have any questions, I'm here to help."

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